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Konflux Theatre Summer School

Summer School Play in a Day®

The aim is to take any one of our existing Play in a Day® projects and increase your groups subject learning, speaking and listening skills, confidence, and importantly... have fun!

Within the Summer School setting, Play in a Day® is a fantastic way to get a group working together towards a shared goal. They will take part in a fast-paced day of workshops and rehearsals to put together a performance to share back to friends and family that they can be truly proud of. 

In the past, Play in a Day® has proven to bring quieter students out of their shell, and show traditionally non-academic learners what they can really achieve.

Summer School Play in a Week

With Play in a Week (2-5 days) we work closely with the Summer School organiser(s) to develop a project that is bespoke to the needs of the individual school. Here we can expand upon an existing Play in a Day® title, or take a whole new theme and research, develop and put together a project for your pupils to take part in. Throughout the week the group create the drama, develop the characters, discuss and devise scenes to build their play and rehearse for the performance on the final afternoon- a fantastic opportunity to invite parents to the School!

Past themes have included: Aspirations & Careers, Literacy & Numeracy, Shakespeare, Racism, Cultures and Bullying to name but a few!

'The children enjoyed the whole experience from Day 1 to Day 5.  We had a mixture of abilities and the workshop leader managed to make the experience accessible to everyone. Parents, family and friends were amazed to see the way that the children interacted with each other on the last day, particularly as they were from five different schools and many had never met prior to the course. Working with staff from Konflux Theatre gives students of all abilities confidence; it supports the work we do on Transition and allows children to express any fears that they may have about the Transition process in a non-threatening environment.' 

- Gail Taylor, Transition Coordinatior, following a Transition Summer School Play in a Week 

For more information on our fantastic Summer School projects, please call us on 01937 832 740